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My name is Harm and I love running. I learn a lot of lessons from running. These lessons are not just about running, but apply to life as a whole. I write about these life lessons in the hope that they may inspire anyone who reads them, and that they may spark a little growth.

  • Don’t wait

    The two >200k races of this year taught a simple but precious lesson: when working on something valuable we must not hope we can somehow finalize it in the end, but do what’s required early on to bring the goal within reach. This insight first presented itself at Ultrabalaton, and then on a slightly different…

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  • What would it look like if it were fun?

    In a multi-month period of trying to train while dealing with a long injury, I’m faced by all kinds of questions. Dark questions. Desperate questions.-What if I can never run fast again?-What if the most fun races will forever be off-limits?-What if it’s never gonna heal? Should I quit running altogether? Those are understandable questions.…

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  • Change

    I’m quitting my job this month to fully focus on running. My life suddenly changes completely. Looking back though, I see that the road to this moment was paved by many small changes. Small steps joined together to prepare for one big leap. In the 4 years I’ve been running, I’ve learned a lot about…

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  • The dip

    Last weekend provided the last long endurance training on the road to the Spartathlon, in the shape of the 100k RUN Winschoten. Like most of life’s big projects, this race was long enough to start with a high that turned into a low over time. The strange thing: I wouldn’t wish it any other way.…

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  • Fear

    Last weekend was my first nonstop 24-hour run and I found myself being scared of it. I’d never run that long or that far before. I didn’t know what to expect in those last hours. I didn’t know how my body would react. I didn’t know what emotions would pop up and if I’d be…

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  • The people that surround you

    The people that surround you influence the way you think. After hearing this phrase for the first time, I’ve seen it play out in my own life and I realize the immense importance. I’m grateful that my own thought patterns and even actions have changed because of others. The examples are easiest to see in…

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  • The beauty of racing

    A race is a dedicated short period in which your actions are extremely goal-oriented: you give your all to finish as fast as possible. Such a focused sprint to the finish line presents itself in various areas of life, and the same effects apply as in running. Think of the last days before the deadline…

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  • Ready, fire, aim

    When you want to learn a new skill or start a new habit, the most important step is to just get started. For someone who wants to be a runner, the number one action is to go outside and run for a few minutes. Unfortunately we often get distracted by all kinds of questions. What…

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  • Race prep

    We’re in the last 1-2 weeks leading up to the next event, so race prep has started. This involves daily stability and core exercises, but also reflecting on insights from previous races. So I read the after action reports I wrote after some of last year’s events to review the lessons. Here’s a reflection on…

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