About Harm

Harm looking tired and happy at the same time during a 6-hour run

My name is Harm. Born in 1990 in The Netherlands, I started running around 2020. I also love reading, optimizing and thinking about mindset, and found that a lot comes together at the intersections of these topics. I kept discovering that mindset lessons can be used in training, and insights from running can be applied to other aspects of life. Opportunities for growth are everywhere if you’re open to them! I started writing some of these concepts down for myself, and after a while felt a longing to share those insights. Hence this blog was born in 2023, as a place to collect and share life lessons learned from running.

Back to Harm. He loves running ultramarathons. An ultramarathon is any distance greater than a marathon, so starting at 42,2km or 26.2 miles. Ultras come in different shapes: some are a certain distance (say 60k), some have a set time limit (e.g. the one running the longest distance in 12 hours wins) and some have a totally unique format (backyard ultras repeat the same loop every hour until there’s only one participant left). I am fascinated by the physical and mental aspects concerned with running ultras. I grew up with a lot of insecurities, but found that ultras helped me grow beyond what I thought I was capable of. In ultras you come to explore the limits your body and your mind. And then prove those limits wrong. The growth displayed in my running capabilities soon started translating into personal growth in various areas. In this way, running has made me healthier, not just physically but also as a person. You can read more about my process here.

Harm also enjoys shorter faster runs, but distances shorter than a half marathon just aren’t the same discipline and aren’t his specialty. Harm can sometimes be found grinding out a number of reps on a short tarmac road, but you can also spot him carelessly enjoying forest trails with a huge smile on his face. And in the warmer seasons he also loves exploring the world on a racing bicycle.

Apart from running I take an interest in nutrition. I enjoy reading scientific articles on this subject and applying the gathered knowledge to seek a healthy way of living. I’m also interested in psychology, for example learning about habits, self-talk and how our brains work. The human mind and body are fascinating, it’s just delightful to learn more about them. I read and listen a lot of podcasts about this (so sometimes long runs can be very educational), and also enjoy discussing this stuff over a beer.

I hope this gives a little bit of a first impression of who I am. But you will get to know me better in future posts. So see you there, good to be on this journey together!

I still consider myself pretty new to the world of ultras, but here are some of my highlights to give an impression:

-Spartathlon: 246k from Athens to Sparta (Strava, race results)

-24-hour national championship: 204k, 2nd place (Strava, race results)

-HoHo 100 miles race (Strava, official results)

-Sittard 12 hour run: 116k (Strava, official results)

-Devil’s Trail 24 hour backyard ultra, 100 miles (Strava)

-3,5 marathons in 4 days (#1, #2, #3, and #3.5)

-Swimless Ironman: 180k of cycling, followed by a marathon

-De 60 Van Texel: 60k (Strava, official results)

-vEveresting: cycling to 8848m of elevation, indoors (Strava)

Harm’s ultra profile on DUV

Upcoming races:

Balaton lake, Hungary
May 4, 2024

24hour National Championship
Deventer, The Netherlands
July 13, 2024

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